Consulting Services

Think of PMM Travel Consulting as your personal concierge service. The difference is that you do not have to wait until you check in at your hotel to start asking questions and getting the answers you need. Simply provide us with an overview of where you want to go and what you want to do and we will help you make it happen.

You can count on PMM Travel Consulting to provide advice or assistance on any matter related to your trip, such as:

*Air travel
*Rail travel
*Car rentals
*Local public and private transportation
*Embassies and consulates
*Currencies and currency exchange
*Personal security
*Special events (concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.)
*Etiquette and appropriate attire
*Side trips
*Itinerary planning
*Use of points and miles
*Air passes (continental, around the world, distance based, etc.)
*Points and miles accruing credit cards
*Travel emergencies
The following are examples of the types of requests that are commonly made for our services:


Example #1

You want to travel to the United Arab Emirates, but do not know whether you should stay in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or both.  Based on the information you provide us, we will make a recommendation.

Example #2

You are spending 7 nights in Italy and want to visit Florence and Rome but are unsure of how you should divide the days between the two cities.  Based on the information you provide us, we will make a recommendation.

Example #3

You want to fly to Europe from North America in business or first class using airline miles but are unsure of how your frequent flyer program works.  We will assist you in finding routes with availability.  Airlines customer service representatives are usually not very good at this.  Click here for more information on our award booking service.

Example #4

You are visiting Turkey and want to find out whether you should travel from city to city domestically by rail, air or bus.  We will provide a recommendation based on our knowledge and research on the subject.

Example #5

You are spending a week in Tokyo and want to dine at a different restaurant each day.  Based on the information you provide us, we will make recommendations and can even make reservations for you. 

Example #6

You and your significant other want to travel to Australia and New Zealand for two weeks for your honeymoon, but you have no idea how to begin planning such a trip and how to set up an itinerary.  Based on the information you provide us, we could draft an itinerary, select hotels, attractions and restaurants and determine the best way to travel within the two countries.  We can also book all the reservations for you.

Example #7

You will be spending 10 days in South America and want to visit Santiago, Chile, Lima, Peru and Buenos Aires, Argentina, but have no idea how you can make it happen on a moderate budget.  We can work with you to make this not only possible but worth it.

Example #8

You want to spend a month in Europe with your family but do not have the time or experience to plan such a trip.  Based on the information you provide us, we can provide alternative itineraries and allow you to make a selection based on your travel interests and resources.

Example #9

You want to go to the Super Bowl or the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games, but all the hotels in the host city and within the vicinity are full, there are no rental cars available and you are not sure where you should buy your tickets.  We can work with you to make this trip possible. 


If you think you might be interested in our consulting services, click here to request a quote. Once your request has been submitted, you can expect a proposal from us within 24 hours. Said proposal will identify the services we can provide as well as pricing details for our services.


Full Service Option


You have the option of allowing us to make all purchases and reservations on your behalf by selecting our “Full Service” option. When you do so, we will be there for you every step of the way until all your travel plans are set.


Points & Miles Assessment Service


The points and miles earned through credit cards can be extremely valuable. When used wisely, these can help you travel the world in ways most people can only dream of. However, we constantly hear stories about colossal misuse of points and miles. Additionally, some people have certain misconceptions about credit cards that severely restrict their points and miles earning capabilities.


When you request our Points & Miles Assessment ("PMA") service, we will gauge your travel interests and goals, analyze your spending patterns, identify what credit cards you currently have and evaluate how you had previously gone about redeeming the points and miles earned through your credit cards. Based on the information provided, we will prepare a detailed report indicating which of your credit cards you should continue using and how, which of your credit cards you should stop using and which credit cards you should apply to, along with a schedule indicating when you should apply to these new cards in order to minimize any potential negative impact on your credit and increase your chances of approval.


If you are interested in our PMA service, simply fill out our consulting services request form with the relevant information, indicating you are interested in our PMA service.