Award Booking Service

Do you have thousands of points or miles in your favorite rewards loyalty program but are unsure of what you can do with them or how far those points or miles can take you? With hundreds of commercial airlines and three major alliances, each with different routes, charts and its own sets of rules for award travel, many people find themselves in the same position as you. Making matters worse, most travel agencies and airlines’ customer service representatives are clueless as to what to do when required to perform an award booking, particularly when it involves a complex itinerary. As a result, booking award travel can be extremely difficult and time consuming.

However, PMM Travel Consulting would be more than glad to do all the work for you so that you are able to fly whenever and wherever you desire, in your preferred cabin and airline (subject to availability). PMM knows the routes, rules, airlines, cabins, tricks, alliances and partnerships, so you can be at ease in knowing that if the award ticket you want is available, we will find it. Plus we can help you get the most out of your trip by adding creative layovers and stopovers to your award reservation. Simply request a quote so we can get started!

Within 24 hours of receiving your request we will send you an email confirming we have received your request and asking for any additional information we might need in order to search for your award. 

Once we have found award availability that meets your request we will email you an invoice for our services. You will not have to pay anything until we have found award availability that meets your demands.

PMM is not responsible for any schedule or equipment change executed by the airlines after your award reservation has been ticketed. However, if your reservation has suffered an undesired schedule change, let us know and we will attempt to find a more suitable alternative at no additional charge. 

If you need to cancel or modify your award reservation after it has been ticketed, we can perform the corresponding task for an additional nominal fee.